Pakistan: Dozens killed in Horrible Train Incidence

Thursday, Oct 31st -2019 : Horrible Train accident in Pakistan left Nation mourned when Gas cylinder blasted while passengers cooking breakfast and fire covered almost 2 bogies withing minutes. Since Pakistan came into being hundreds of train accident takes place every year and the latest one was the biggest tragedy in second half of the current year 2019 takes place.

On Thursday October the train TezGam which was en-rout to Rawalpindi from Karachi caught sudden fire according to eye witnessed accident caused due to cylinder blast., whereas 75 people lost their life in the incidence, almost 3 carriages of train was completely destroyed in train accident with fire including 1 business class and 2 economy boggy.

Mobile footage from eye witness phone caught people crying and shouting can be clearly heard in the mobile recorded video. Senior Pakistani Railway officer claimed that few of passengers were cooking breakfast by which this incidence take place, few lost their life at spot and few of them were died in the hospital whereas many were badly injured.

Pakistan Railway which was founded in 1861 own almost 5,000 miles of railway track which is almost 8000 Kilometers all over Pakistan. Pakistan Railway ministry claimed that they had served 70,000 passengers in this financial years in this financial year 2018-19. But Pakistan Railway frequently offered for providing worse service to the passengers.

International Railway General had written on his press release that “Pakistan Railway ministry has announced their highest ever revenue in their financiala year 2018-2019  which is on average 55.61 Billions in a single year.


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